Day 7: Writer’s Block

I’m continuing my effort to post daily. But today I’m honestly stuck on what to write about. But talking about how I can’t write is better than not doing so at all.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be inspired! Until then goodbye…



Day 6: Secrets

Secrets hurt. They hurt not only the person keeping them, but those who are in the dark.

Secrets are usually kept because of fears that come associated with others knowing. Secrets come out of embarrassment. Secrets come out of shame.

For a while you believe its easier to hide things from others, but you eventually figure out how wrong you are.

I have secrets, maybe one day I’ll share them



Day 5: Technology



I’m pretty sure this Christmas season we all received some fancy new gadget or gizmo. But sadly in a couple months( maybe even weeks), your awesome next-gen gadget will be yesterdays news. 

Lately it just seems to be getting worse. Everywhere you look something new pops all shiny and pretty. But honestly, is it that much better than what we already have?

I understand tech companies like to make money. But for goodness sake could you slow down with all these advancements. A teenager with no money has a hard time keeping up!

But how much can I really complain? I’m sure I’ll be swept up with fascination of the next big thing. Maybe it will finally be than flying car i always dreamed of.



Day 4: Words


In my English class we’re reading Huck Finn. But before we could being discussing the book we had one little thing to get out of the way: nigger. We had to first discuss whether or not it was okay to use the word in class.

Almost universally we decided that in the context of education, it was not only okay but necessary to use the word.

But this little discussion brought up a bigger issue: the power of words. Some say words hold a great deal of power. I on the other hand only believe they have power if you give them the power. So i was disappointed to hear that although the class approved of the use of the word, she still decided to replace nigger with black man or slave.

It makes me wonder, are we ever going to be able to take the hate out of words or will they always hold some power over us.

Hopefully things change.


Day 3: Faliures


Everyone tells me that failure leads to success. I say that myself sometimes when everything is going well for me. I’m not going to be saying that today…

I had an audition for the school musical. I spent the whole day putting stress and pressure on myself to perform well. I successfully made it through the acting portion, which I usually my weak spot. But when it came time to sing, the only thing I had confidence in doing, I bombed. I went off key singing “God Bless America” and failed to reach a note I had hit before. I felt not only embarrassed but disappointed. I had completely made a fool of myself.

An hour or two later I was home where I could sulk in private. But there was one heavy thought on my mind, “Could I have done it?” I went and warmed up my pipes and sang, hitting every note as I had rehearsed. I knew then what really happened while I was on stage.

I realized it was fear of failure that caused me to fail. I doubted myself and because of that I was not able to perform as well as I knew I could. I was then that i realized that I did not actually fail, but instead succeeded in a way I did not expect. I succeeded in finding the root of a problem I’ve for many years.

I still have more auditioning to do and more opportunities to redeem myself. Here’s hoping that I take what I learned and put it to work.

Wish me luck.





Day 2: Goobyes


No I am not saying goodbye. I’ve actually decided to post daily for a while. What specifically I’ll talk about is up for discussion. But I am going to talk about the importance of saying goodbye.

A friend of mine lost his grandfather a few years ago. I felt bad enough for the guy until I heard what happened that day. He had forgotten to say goodbye to his grandfather that day. And when he came home he didn’t have the chance to.

I still have my grandparents with me and I’m beyond grateful. But for a time I did not acknowledge the fact that I could lose them very soon. And like my friend, there were days where I would run out the door without saying goodbye.

At any moment you could lose somebody you deeply care about. So i suggest taking the extra moment to say goodbye. It will do both you and them some good. And even if you and this other person are engaged in a little spat, get over the problem at hand and bid them farewell. You’ll never know when you have the chance again.

So I bid you farewell until next time.



Day 1.5: Eureka?

So apparently this “go with the flow” attitude is working for me. I might have found a purpose for this blog after all. I’m thinking about this being a daily of the last few years of being a teenager (I’m 16). Maybe I’ll include input from others, things I find interesting, and my wonderful adventures (or the ones that i hope to have).

But these are just ideas for now…



Day 1: Getting Started


A new year signifies new beginnings, second chances, new resolutions… Or for me, another 365 days to waste doing absolutely nothing.

A year ago I made a resolution to finally get something done. Whether it was start a blog, read a book, make some new friends, or even find love; I made a plan to do something.

And I really did try… for about a week. But this year is different. I have made no promises to myself and set no goals. Instead I decided to let go and see where this year takes me. And so far it has brought me here. I don’t really know where this is going to lead and I don’t really care. All I care about at this moment is stuffing my face full of leftover Chinese food. I’ll probably be back tomorrow in pain, fatter, and full of regret…